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The One Point Code of Conduct 
(Mobile Phone Division)

The One Point WILL:

  • Remain impartial with regard to our network recommendation, considering only your needs, the total inclusive cost of contract ownership, your device requirements and coverage.
  • Make you aware of all of the terms and conditions enforceable by your chosen network provider.
  • Act in your best interest and support you throughout your relationship with The One Point and your chosen network supplier.
  • Offer free technical and non-technical advice throughout your contract.
  • Diligently disperse any other addition benefits included with your purchase agreement with The One Point.
  • Allow you to move supplier without charges or extended notice periods.

The One Point WILL NOT:

  • Push one particular network provider or handset manufacturer for commercial gain.
  • Impose, refer or include additional terms and conditions that will have an adverse impact upon your ability to move network, upgrade early, change tariff mid-term, flexibly reduce costs, add or remove handsets and replace hardware.
  • Make promises of revenues or incentive that are not achievable on a commercial level; for example: make a promise of credits, cash backs or hardware funds that would mean The One Point would be running an unsustainable business.
  • Deliberately quote low headline line rentals that will not reflect the invoices you will receive from your network – including offer periods, temporary discount or similar.


Mobile Industry Awards 2011 Best Dealer Federation of Communication Services


OFCOM General Code 23 Statement

The One Point comply to OFCOM's General Code 23 regulations protecting consumers against the mis-selling of mobile phone services.  The One Point's staff are regularly trained and audited on all aspects of the General Code.  The One Point also recieve regular audits from network officials to ensure compliance.  For more information on the code please visit: