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Data Only SIM

Data sims are mainly used for tablet devices such as iPAD 1 or 2, Motorola XOOM, Archos 70 Internet Tablet or Samsung Galaxy Tab.

ipad simsTablets work great on the internet when you have access to WiFi and the device is connected to an internet connection. If you go to a meeting or travel outside the wireless network you can't access the internet for browsing, emails, some Apps and any other software that relies on an internet connection.

Here at The One Point we offer data only sim cards in both standard size, micro sim size on all price packages.

Most "Pay as you go" data packages with other companies are for 1 month regardless whether you use all your data. If you buy 1Gb of data, any unused data will get wiped clean after 1 month meaning you then have to buy another top up which cost from £10 for 1Gb.

We however, offer packages that work for you with your needs in mind.

Below are packages we offer at the moment and have created them with the enduser in mind.

  • £15 for 1Gb lasting 60 daysThe One Point Sim cards

  • £29 for 2Gb lasting 60 days