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Recycle Your Old Mobile Phones

Donate your mobile phones to help support the Dove House Hospice (the Love You 2 campaign)

How it works: The One Point will take in your old mobile phone - value it, review all of the rycycling website and dealer prices available and ensure that you get top dollar for your cast-offs.  The One Point will then collect that money on your behalf and donate it all to your chosen charity or make a payment directly to you or your company.

Dove House are pleased to behind The One Point's Recycle My Old mobile Campaign

So if you correctly recycle a mobile it can help by decreasing the harmful materials like as Coltan, Lead, Copper, Gold etc etc from being mined for in in third world countries like the Congo, Amazon rain forest or Africa where it is destroying the natural habitats for the precious animals and wild life that live there.

Some advice when recycling your old mobile phones:

90 million UK residents own a mobile phone they can recycle.The Dove House Love You 2 Campaign is being supported by The One point - a free website was developed to support the fund-raiser in addition to the recycle your mobile campaign

If not for the Cash paid benefits then recycle for the Environment.

Always delete personal information from your mobile first.

You can recycle broken mobiles as well as good working ones.

Use recorded special delivery when sending in expensive models.


Why Recycle Mobile Phones?

Recycling Mobile Phone For Caah or charity with The One PointMobile phones contain precious, expensive metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper, Lead, Mercury and more. These metals can be extracted from the handset during the recycling process. Along with other trace metals, plastics and glasses that can be extracted and recycled. If they are not, the mobile phone providers will be forced to find other ways of getting these materials. Whether it be through mining forests to buying in raw materials. To keep up with the very high demand for the latest technological gadget.

They say that just one battery would be enough to contaminate over 600,000 litres of water. Enough to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool. On average every UK home has at least 3 mobile phones. It’s estimated there to be around 80-90 million unused mobile phones in the UK alone. Just lying around gathering dust, never to be used again.

The precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum, Titanium and other fine metals that can be used again in brand new mobiles. If you extracted all the gold from 80 million mobile phones and got 0.2 gms out of each. You’d end up with 16000000 gms. (About 16 tonnes)