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"Shrink My Bill"

Save money on your current mobile phone, landline or broadband contract.

Are you stuck in a contract but need to save money? Has your supplier left you stood out in the rain counting the costs?

Start saving money on my bill today!

Over the last 5 years The One Point has saved its customers hundreds of thousands of pounds through regular bill check and analysis.  Our existing customers receive this service at NO CHARGE – it is all part of our unique package. The recession has taught everybody that if you ignore your expenditure the consequences can be very costly.

We can now save new customers money on their current mobile phone, landline and broadband contracts simply through our new FREE independent service.


How it works...

We will ask you to send us a copy of up to 3 months bills (Mobile, Broadband and Landline) and our team of specialists will analyse your bills and recommend changes to your tariffs, supplier or service that will save money on your current mobile phone, landline or broadband contract.  Simple!


Will it cost me anything?

In a word - ‘NO’.  However, there is no such thing as a free lunch.  If we save you £50 or less per month our service is totally FREE.  If we can save you over £50 we will charge a contingency fee of 25% of the saving per month; therefore you are only paying us out of savings made.

Case Studies:

A national marketing company have an Orange mobile phone contract consisting of 12 handsets for which they were currently only 6 months into. As a result of the advice that we gave to them, we managed to save them £254 PER MONTH. We simply charge a 25% fee (£63.50) each month out of the savings they have now made over the remaining period of the contract.

A local design firm have a 5 handset mobile phone contract with O2 and have 12 months remaining on their contract. Through our independent advice, they are now saving £60 PER MONTH through changes to their price plan. We charge 25% out of the savings (£15 a month) leaving them to save money on the remaining months of the contract.


We can save you money on you mobile and landline bills - our team of experts will interrogate you usage and recommend a new plan that could save you thousands of pounds.